Information Technology Services

Businesses that view information technology (IT) as a strategic asset have a distinct competitive advantage over businesses that view IT as an overhead expense. Implementing technology as a strategic asset requires a unique blend of skills-the ability to understand technology concepts and how they can be applied to business processes to achieve the organization’s vision and long term goals. The professionals at Dabbs, Hickman, Hill & Cannon, LLP have these skills.

We can help you develop a strategic technology plan and implement technology in a way to make your organization more efficient and effective. The following list provides an overview of the IT services we offer:

Network Design and Installation

Provide planning, design, and installation of a new network.

Network Types include:

Wireless Networks

Server Based Networks

Remote Networks

Desktop Support and Maintenance

Provide the client with support in troubleshooting hardware, software, and network problems. We also have the capability to provide support by remotely connecting to a client’s PC.

IT Consulting

Advise a client on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives.

IT Strategic Planning

Formulate an IT strategic plan for our clients’ businesses. We will work closely with their employees and utilize feedback to develop a specific strategic direction for information technology.

Network Security, Firewalls, and Monitoring

Install, monitor, and troubleshoot a client’s network security devices.

Blackberry and PDA Setup and Integration

Incorporate Blackberrys, iPhones, or PDAs into a client’s information technology structure.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Data Recovery

Assist in the design and implementation of a disaster recovery plan for a client’s business. Our IT staff will work with client personnel to gather the information necessary in planning for disaster-related interruptions to business processes. This includes planning for the recovery and restoration of a client’s data.

Web Page Design

We are experienced in the design and administration of websites and can work closely with clients to meet the needs of our clients’ businesses in this area.

Client Portals

We are proud to offer our clients secure web portals that include these free features:

  • Document Presentation – This allows our team to post complete financial documents, including tax returns, financial reports, or other documents, for the client’s review.
  • File Exchange – This allows our clients to exchange files with our accounting team, in a secure and convenient manner.
  • Return Delivery/Web Organizers – This allows our accounting team to upload electronic copies of a client’s tax return or organizer to the web portal. The data can be reviewed or, in the case of the organizer, filled out electronically.

Other features that we offer for an additional charge include:

  • Client Bookkeeping Solution ASP – This option provides online bookkeeping software that clients can access conveniently and securely through their portal.
  • Remote Payroll Data Entry – This feature allows our payroll specialist to export payroll worksheets to a client’s portal. The client then enters information such as hours, vacation time, sick time, etc. This information can then be imported into our payroll software.
  • Remote Check Printing – This allows our payroll specialist to transfer electronic versions of checks to a client’s portal, which in turn allows the client to print their own checks.

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