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info technology featureTechnology has accelerated the changing in business. Business leaders who once relied on their industry expertise now find that remaining competitive requires technology. The sophistication of technology has outpaced the knowledge of most business leaders.

How do business leaders make complex decisions about the technology required to help their businesses run more efficiently? Without a technology strategy that matches industry specific business needs toward an integrated and forward-looking solution, many business leaders find themselves hamstrung. As a result, they are being outpaced by competitors who invested in an IT platform that supports and advances their core operations.

Few businesses have the staff and expertise required to handle their ever-evolving IT needs. The business advisors of Dabbs, Hickman, Hill and Cannon, LLP have assembled a team of IT experts ready to collaborate with you to strategize and execute an information technology plan. Our team can assist you in evaluating  your needs and constructing a solution that supports your unique business objectives.

Hardware, networking, security, application support, licensing, user administration, and database administration are a few of the areas our experts can evaluate to determine your needs. With our support, you can confidently increase your productivity, cut costs, avoid unpredictable downtime, and focus on your core business objectives.

Our team’s expertise includes:

Designing, installing and configuring all network components, including PC’s, servers, and printers to establish a functioning local area network

Building, implementing, and maintaining Microsoft Windows based servers.

Providing technical support in a team environment through telephone and remote desktop communications.

Blackberry & PDA Setup & Integration

Disaster Recovery Planning & Data Recovery

Web Page Design

Client Portals & Online Services

Please do not hesitate to contact Bruno Locatelli or Christina Larson for more information. We have a vested interest in your success.

Dabbs, Hickman, Hill & Cannon, LLP, is an accounting practice dedicated to delivering large firm experience in the context of smaller firm relationships. All of our clients receive unparalleled attention and expertise.

Meet the Information Technology Team

Bruno Locatelli
Bruno Locatelli

Christina Larson
Christina Larson, CPA, CFE

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